Have you got a new camera?

Is it always set on the 'green square'?

Are you just 'snapping'?

Do you want to progress?

Now Booking!

We can get you up to speed on the basic techniques, help you take control of your photography and make better pictures.

Our introductory three-hour course is designed to get you started with a first 'serious' camera. The course is broken down into topics, each one approached by a short talk explaining it followed by practical examples of it in use.

Courses take place at a local venue, usually a country park, with plenty of scope for photography ... and sometimes even a cafe!

Geoff and John have been amateur photographers for many years and have built up plenty of experience. Geoff is President and John is General Secretary of a local photography club, and they also manage a national photographic exhibition.

So, sign up soon and let's get started taking some great pictures!

Contact us:   Geoff Stone   John Fryatt

* Do you know a photographer who is keen but just starting in the hobby? - How about giving them a gift voucher for our course?
* The price is the same as normal - please contact us if interested.

Nene Valley Photo Courses are based in Northamptonshire.