Courses - dates and arrangements

We are currently focussing on beginners to photography and offer an introductory course for those wishing to take control of their camera and to progress their photography.
Further courses will follow in due time.

Dates and times for the course are flexible and can be arranged to suit the participants. If you would like to attend a course please contact us, giving an idea of when you would like to do it (ideally with one or two alternatives). We will do our best to coordinate dates to suit everyone.

We live in Northamptonshire and the courses will be usually be based in that general area, but arrangements can be made for other venues if required.

Courses would generally be at the weekend, mainly Saturday daytime, but other arrangments can be made. If you are a member of a club or society and several members were interested we could also run the course for your group.

As well as being flexible to suit you, we find it better if there are several participants as it helps to have some interchange of ideas and so on, and is just more friendly.
However, each course will have a small enough number of participants so as to ensure that everyone can be given good attention.

We generally use venues which are convenient for participants, such as country parks, and have the usual facilities inc. a coffee shop if possible.
...and good opportunities for some photography, of course.

If anything is unclear or you wish to discuss any aspect of the courses please get in touch with Geoff or John.