This course is three hours long (well, at least three hours, we don't mind if questions etc. cause the time to run over a bit), and the cost is £55.00.

Get feedback - In addition to the actual course, you will have the opportunity to send us up to twelve pictures for (friendly) critique. This way you can put what you learn into practice and get feedback on actually applying the technigues that were covered.
You can do this all in one go or in smaller sets and there is no time limit, although it would be better to do it sooner rather than later while the material is still fresh in your mind. This optional extra costs £20.00.

To do the course you will need to have a camera with adjustable controls for exposure and focussing. This will usually be an SLR, CSC, or bridge camera, but could include advanced compacts as well. Ask if not sure.
No experience of photography and cameras is needed - this course aims to give you basic knowledge of camera operation and use so you can progress.